Who are we?

Our History

Plasma Industries is a company, that has been set up in 1957 by the Belgian Red Cross.

The focus is now global and we provide solutions for the fractioning of blood plasma into proteins that improve the quality of life.

Stable plasma derivatives such as clotting factors, immunoglobulins and albumin solutions are produced with the fractions isolated by Plasma Industries.

Plasma Industries works on the basis of manufacturing costs and processes around 1.5 million litres of plasma for our partners.

This change to a production environment entailed a change in corporate culture, in order to continue to providing the volume and capacity required by our partners. Plasma Industries has a clear vision, DRIVE and comprehensive building-blocks to support our organisation.

Our team

Plasma Industries Belgium can count on the expertise of a highly motivated team of employees.

Their commitment, expertise and daily efforts mean that Plasma Industries has the necessary flexibility to respond to the demands of customers and changing needs.

Added value for all of the parties concerned!

Our vision

Our organisation has changed drastically over the years. Ongoing evolution is vital, as is a clear vision for the future.

Plasma Industries is the best partner in the field of processing human plasma into stable plasma derivatives.

We have acquired many years’ experience in fractioning human plasma and can therefore guarantee a safe, top-quality product.

Values – DRIVE

The values applied by all our employees form the foundations and the ‘glue’ for the structure we’re building together.

We are flexible and agile when it comes to our customers’ wishes and our projects are dynamic.

We respect one another. We respect agreed working methods and our working environment.

We feel involved in all our achievements. We all take our responsibilities seriously.

We work together to achieve a good financial result. We make our products ‘better’ each day, and are aware that they save lives every day. We avoid all activities that do not offer added value.

We work on continuously improving all we do. We are open to innovation in ideas, technologies, organisation and products.