Our solutions

Within our organisation, we focus on the entire process, from the delivery of plasma and materials to the release and shipment of our products to the customers, in order to be successful in terms of our customers, the future of the company, and our employees.

The efficient and fruitful collaborations between our various services enable us to supply high-quality products to our customers.


An annual total of approximately 1.5 million litres of plasma is provided via our customers. Our logistical staff in Buggenhout take care of reception, storage, traceability and delivery to our production site in Neder-Over-Heembeek and our partners.

During storage additional analyses and treatments are performed. In this way Plasma Industries is able to guarantee high-quality products.

Product Development

Our Product Development team takes care of research and product development in order to fulfil the requirements of our production department, our partners and authorities such as the FDA, EMA, ISP …

They are responsible for researching the feasibility, development, and (pre-)validation of new analytical methods. In addition, they take care of process updates, alternative equipment, and ensuring there is a good understanding of our production processes.

Our team comprises individuals with a scientific background, expertise, and skills. They conduct comparative studies, manage verifications and deviations, and carry out stability research. They are also responsible for viral safety at Plasma Industries and take care of risk analyses where necessary.

For technical expertise and support with the development of new processes, we can count on our people from the Engineering department.


The employees within our production department take care of fractioning the human plasma. Based on high-tech innovative processes tailored to the customer, they isolate valuable proteins from the plasma.

This creates a range of intermediary fractions that are further purified by our partners to become life-saving medicines.

In this way, Plasma Industries prepares cryo-paste, fraction II, fraction V and DS-Eluates. These fractions form the basis for the production of medicines which help patients with blood-clotting problems, weakened immune systems, insufficient blood volume and those who are suffering from genetic angioedema.


The quality of our products is monitored throughout the entire process, from plasma to release.

Measurements and samples are taken throughout the proces. These are then further analysed in order to guarantee the high quality of our products.

The quality of the pharmaceutical products from Plasma Industries fulfils the European and American cGMP guidelines and is checked by audits of the customers and inspections by the authorities.


In order to provide our production flows with adequate support for Customer Relations, IT, Finance, Procurement and HR, our employees can count on a motivated team of auxiliary employees.

They are available each and every day to turn needs into opportunities and answer questions.

The “DRIVE” between our various services creates the very highest quality for our patients every single day!