Plasma Industries aims to be a center of excellence in


protein therapies
for leading

Building on 60 years
of plasma fractionation history and processing
3.5 million international donations each year for a selected number of dedicated partners, our services help their patients worldwide to safe and effective treatments which improve the quality of their lives.

At Plasma Industries, we believe the best medicines are already in your body. The human plasma proteome holds the promise of a revolution in disease diagnosis and therapeutic treatment. We will continue to play a leading role in discovering how the abundance and structure of proteins can change the way we treat human diseases.

Ongoing investments in production, development and logistics guarantee the most up-to-date technologies and production facilities, to meet an increasing demand for life saving and changing proteins.

The drive of our employees,
led by a dedicated team of motivated directors and managers, has enabled us to embrace quality as one of our core values, resulting in successful compliance audits by national and international authorities.

We invite you to get to know our company a little better and look forward to supporting you in your current and new protein therapies!