About us – History

Plasma Industries builds the future on a foundation of more than 60 years of experience.  We are proud to share the milestones in the history of our company.

Founded as a department of the Red Cross

Located in Elsene (Brussels)

Startup of the logistics site in Buggenhout
Spin-off into a commercial entity named CAF-DCF

Entity of Sanquin

Startup of the production site in NOH Brussels
Spin-off of Marketing and Sales for Belgium to LFB

Industrial activities continue as Plasma Industries

2017 - 2018
Initiated New Cultural Vision- Transformation to CDMO

Property Expansion – Start Capacity Increase Project

Merger with Sanquin Plasma Products

Plasma Industries Belgium joins hands with SPP (Sanquin Plasma Products) and merges into Prothya Biosolutions.