Our solutions – Manufacturing

As a fractionator with 60 years of experience, we deploy various customer-tailored processes to isolate valuable proteins from the collected plasma. The customer remains the owner of the plasma throughout the whole process.

The cryo-paste, fraction II, fraction V and DS-Eluates form the basis to produce medicines which help their patients with blood-clotting problems, weakened immune systems, insufficient blood volume and those who are suffering from genetic angioedema.

With our extensive knowledge in protein separation techniques, we are perfectly placed to manufacture the fractions you need for your protein therapies, as well as advise you in your production process, whether upstream or downstream:

Plasma Intake:

  • Storage
  • Scanning
  • Look back handling
  • Batch pooling

Plasma and Product testing:

  • Raw material
  • In process
  • End-product

Plasma fractionation/ separation:

  • Flexible lot size
  • Precipitation centrifugation Filtration (Seitz, Begerow)
  • Filter aid process and materials
  • Ultra- and dia-filtration
  • Chromatography

Downstream support through partnerships

An overview of our manufacturing process capabilities and plant dedicated technology can be found here.