Senior Operator (2 shifts)


Position: Senior Operator – 2 shifts

Reports to the Supervisor Production


To carry out production processes in accordance with the procedures, schedule, and corresponding qualitative and quantitative requirements, with the aim of obtaining specific proteins from plasma.

Main responsibilities and result areas:

1.  Performing preparatory work related to the extraction operations. These activities include:

  • Checking for CIP (clean-in-place) of the materials before start-up;
  • Establishing the connections and joints of pipes, tubes and pumps;
  • Providing the filters with their accessories and conducting integrity tests;
  • Assembling filters and centrifuges;
  • Checking the connections;
  • Switching on the equipment and checking the parameters.

2.  Carrying out successive production operations in order to obtain a final product in compliance with the applicable standards and procedures (qualitative, quantitative, and hygienic criteria). This includes:

  • Performing sanitizations and filtrations/centrifugations (including checking pH, …);
  • Bringing different plasma fractions in suspension;
  • Disassembling the different filters or centrifuges;
  • Collecting the paste; wrapping, packaging and checking it;
  • Inform the team leader in case of deviations or changes.

3.  Finalizing the operations so that the equipment remains in a good hygienic and functional condition. This includes:

  • Performing automated cleaning activities;
  • Thoroughly disinfecting the equipment;
  • Performing the successive operations for thawing plasma and separating cryos.

4.  Performing a variety of tasks in general support of the production process, such as:

  • Helping colleagues (operators, technicians, …) with for example: removing frozen bags of plasma from their plastic packaging;
  • Keeping the work areas clean and functional.

5.  Performing a number of administrative tasks, such as: 

  • Filling out the production reports in compliance with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices);
  • (Help) training of new colleagues;
  • Contributing to the drafting of work procedures.


  • A1-A2 (Bachelor/Graduate) in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pharmacy or equivalent by experience;
  • A first experience in a similar position is an asset;
  • Fluent use of the MS Office package;
  • Language knowledge: Dutch and French, of which one is fluent and the other is good;
  • Meticulous and quality conscious;
  • Organized, able to set priorities and work punctually;
  • Proactive and alert (notice changes);
  • Flexible and willing to work shifts and weekends.

Our Company 

Prothya Biosolutions produces plasma preparations (including known products such as Cofact, Nanogam and Albuman). In addition, Prothya collects, tests and supplies blood plasma to purification and production sites worldwide. Prothya Biosolutions' mission is to provide healthcare organizations worldwide with high-quality plasma products. The company does this by creating value for partners and contributing to the health of people who depend on essential plasma proteins. Hence, Prothya's slogan: Creating Value, Sustaining Life. The company has various office and production locations in the Netherlands and Belgium and employs around 1,000 people.

We offer

Prothya Biosolutions BE is part of an international biopharmaceutical group which offers long-term career perspectives and invests actively in on-the-job training.

In return for your performance, you shall receive a competitive salary, group and health insurance, meal vouchers, and eco-cheques, as well as a Flex Reward Plan. The Flex Reward Plan is a flexible compensation system through which employees can create a budget from their current salary components. Thanks to this plan, they can enjoy, on a voluntary basis and according to their personal choice, a series of benefits that Prothya Biosolutions BE offers once a year.

We also offer an attractive holiday system exceeding the legal holidays.

Furthermore, we value mutual respect and diversity is our strength.

For each Prothya Biosolutions BE employee, from operators to the CEO, engagement means showing initiative. We expect all colleagues to contribute to achieving our annual objectives in order to take the organization towards it future challenges and successes.

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